Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penile State gets Insurance Protology

TALLAHASSEE -- The largest property insurance companies in Florida would be able to charge whatever they want under a bill that should reach the governor's desk in the next few weeks.

It -- potentially -- represents a remarkable reversal from Gov. Charlie Crist's first few weeks in office in 2007 when he led an aggressive charge to cap rates for the state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and to give state insurance regulators more power to oversee the insurance industry. Crist has said the bill "gives me some pause," although he stopped short of saying he would veto it. more

Sarasota Blogger a former Russ Meyer Vixen?

This blog -- bursting from its mentally tight and narrow bodice with hilarious bunker mentality wingnut central blather -- by this blogger - is allegedly the ... brainchild would not seem to be the mot juste here . . . let's say PRODUCT - the product of this charming young Russ Meyer lady:

According to this report.