Friday, October 28, 2011

"The Adolf Hitler of Shallow"

Watching Perry addressing the crowd, several questions naturally came to mind. One was, "Does he really believe this stuff?" But another one was, "Would it matter if he did?" After all, there are times in life when insanity is indistinguishable from cynicism. A man who will take money to greenlight a dangerous nuclear-waste dump that might blow up 30 years from now is not much different from the guy who doesn't balance his checkbook because he thinks Armageddon is coming before the end of the quarter. In both cases, the long view doesn't matter. Taibbi.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Intelligence and Motive

Ever wondered why we in the US have not enacted a general strike in recent times?

It was necessary to lay everybody off before that motivation, and the intelligence of it, came home.

Tutelage for Baggers

Congrats Penilers!

You're in the top 10 states of the US of Fucking A!

You are not just fat, you are obese!

Thank the media - instead of feeding your heart and mind, it fed your face and your arse!