Monday, July 16, 2007

Hate crime in Sarasota goes unnoticed by Sarasota press for a week

A family that migrated from Bosnia to Sarasota, Florida, returned home to find their house destroyed by fire, vandalized and covered with anti-Muslim graffiti.

This happened on July 6th, but only began to be reported by local media on July 13th.

It took the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, the "newspaper of record" for the city and county of Sarasota, on the Gulf Coast of the Penile State, until July 14th to acknowledge the event's existence.

The paper, struggling with its own problems of dwindling readership, advertising and real estate woes, clearly has better things to do than report hate crimes that destroy the homes of families who have lived in the city for three years with no record of any disturbances.

The paper has not done a follow-up story. One wonders what it would have made of this if the home were owned by one of the local celebs that juice its salivary glands, or, say, just by a typical cute white family, instead of by a family named Sejfovic from Bosnia with three kids.

The SH_T finally squeezed out an update.
"None of the elected officials who actually live in this community have said anything."
What, them worry? when the media itself displays utter indifference...

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