Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We are shocked. shocked.

Giuliani's business ties create challenge

. . .drew Giuliani into a complex partnership with the family of a controversial Hong Kong billionaire who has ties to the regime of North Korea's Kim Jong Il and has been linked to international organized crime. . .
add to the list of clients a Las Vegas development firm looking to build a casino in Singapore. According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the firm has ties to a Hong Kong firm run by the son of a Chinese gambling magnate.

This revelation comes two weeks after the Wall Street Journal revealed another heretofore undisclosed client of Giuliani's firm: the government of Qatar, a Persian Gulf state. . . WaPo

But Kerik's indictment last Thursday indicates that the White House was dealing with bigger problems: Kerik's ties to the mob. TPM
So far, the New York Times has nothing to say. UPDATE! On Nov. 24, the New York Times grasped the idea of the Kerik story, essentially by cloning its competitors' accounts.

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