Sunday, August 10, 2008

Herald Trib eviscerates self yet again

The Sarasota paper, "flagship" of the Times group - all that means is it has the largest circulation of a group of weenie papers - announced more newsroom cuts in face of growing mortgage payments on its Main St. White Elephant office building, and a certain lack of interest in its former readership in looking at ads for useless real estate.

Not long ago the Herald webmaster quit after being told, by corporate higher-ups, that instead of being helped to technology used daily by the mother ship paper, the Trib would have to dumb-down its website in order to be cheaper to operate. The site is now looking dumber than ever, and the webmaster, we hear, is headed for the Wall St. Journal. Good luck!

What's more, in the latest round of layoffs, the paper cut its senior staff -- the people who have been there long and cost it the most. Junior folk, it's time to grow an institutional memory, like, immediately.

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