Thursday, July 16, 2009

Those subtle Venetians

Several elected officials in Venice cost their city a lot of money recently by getting caught communicating through private e-mail accounts in violation of public records laws.

As a result, I would expect them to respect a lawsuit settlement agreement and make sure the public can read all e-mails that involve city business.

That's why it was a forehead-slapper when the city attorney said this week that the mayor accidentally blew it by sending an e-message via personal, private, non-city e-mail account to two candidates for council seats.

In that message, Mayor Ed Martin provided helpful hints for getting elected. For instance, he proffered, choose some stand the business community will like, but find another that helps when speaking to an environmental group. And he specified one city issue as a haymaker: regulation of short-term rentals in neighborhoods where that is a hot topic. Link.

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