Friday, August 21, 2009

Florida's frightened grannies are sweet incense to Buchanan's Nostrils

Clearly Congressman Vern Buchanan likes to take the high road, meeting with a true plurality of his constituents, bringing solid information, exploring the deeper and more complex issues with accuracy, sharp analytical skills, and the courage to put honest, hard-won proposals out there for discussion. Those who attend his "Town Hall Meetings" are among the highest percentile of the geniuses who dwell and defend the Penile state from any and all random acts of intelligence. Let's have more CongrAssHats like Vern Buchanan:

Health proposal's critics find voice at local forum

There was no unified showing of Democrats, perhaps partly because the event was organized only two days in advance.
There was some party building, with cheers of support for comments including calling the president's advisers "lowlifes, thugs and thieves." More cheers came whenever someone likened the Democrat-proposed health care reforms to socialism.

The crowd clapped for a man who said the proposals were "the president blowing smoke up our butt."

At every turn the signs went up:


"Stop socialism now!"

"I love my grandma!"

"Thank you veterans!"


Wendy Grassi, public affairs director of Planned Parenthood, left early and called it "one of the most depressing forums I've ever seen."

"It was full of wrong information and nobody was correcting it," Grassi said.

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