Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Reptilian John Thomas

Florida has nothing better to do than this:

Pandering to the Gun Lobby

How low can the Florida Legislature go in pandering to the gun lobby?

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Citizens might have thought the answer came earlier this year when doctors were banned from inquiring about guns in the household as a factor in their patients’ welfare. A federal judge has blocked that, finding that a doctor’s free speech hardly violates the Second Amendment. Now local officials must deal with another gun lobby outrage. They are scrambling to meet an Oct. 1 deadline by which they must scrap all local gun control laws.

Florida Forces Towns to Pull Local Laws Limiting Guns

Palm Beach County does away with firearms rules

Florida's high unemployment rate among worst

. . . Wait a second - that's actually a real issue...

There can only be one explanation:

My Word: Non-native reptiles deserve a place

David Icke can be completely full of shit about the rest of the world, but his reptilian visions are dead on when it comes to the

Penile State.

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