Friday, July 13, 2012

Florida is now ugly to business - thank Bagger Rick

CNBC survey delivers jolting decline to Florida's attraction to business

Florida's standing as one of the top states for business just suffered a serious bruising, dropping 11 spots from 18th to 29th in a single year, according to an in-depth annual analysis by CNBC.
The dramatic drop is based on an overall state ranking gleaned from 10 separately ranked factors as diverse as education, access to capital and quality of life in the CNBC report calledAmerica's Top Business for States 2012.
The decline raises questions about the Pollyanna forecasts from Florida Gov. Rick Scott who this week insisted the Sunshine State has made a strong turnaround in the right direction.
Apparently CNBC analysts are looking at Florida without the benefit of rose-colored glasses. They smacked Florida with an 11-spot drop among the states driven by several specific category declines in the past year.
• Access to capital. Florida dropped to 24th from 9th.
• Education. Florida fell to 42nd from 35th.
• Infrastructure and transportation. Florida dipped to 11th from 8th last year.

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