Saturday, August 18, 2007

Curtis speaks out on voting software

Clint Curtis on Kos, via fpc:

. . . by chance I was put to work designing prototype software for electronic voting machines for a local company called Yang Enterprises. An upcoming diary will detail my suspicions of just how open to manipulation the code which I helped put into place running touch screen voting machines really is -- in the hands of conservatives without a conscience.

I can't say I know for a fact that the prototype designed to flip votes was implemented. It's a serious charge to make. And as Carl Sagan often said, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. I have worked very hard with the help of election integrity activists since 2004 to document flaws in our voting system. I testified under oath before the Conyer’ s Commission and passed a polygraph as to my knowledge of the attempt to develop fraudulent voting machines. But going forward, there's a simple way to be certain it doesn't happen, and that's to use methods which produce a paper trail in the event a recount is needed and to audit that paper so that any tabulation errors can be discovered and corrected. That's a no-brainer, common sense solution. And yet it seems that that simple idea is opposed virtually exclusively by GOP lawmakers.

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