Friday, August 24, 2007

Some alleged slimy tendrils of Bush Florida operative Roger Stone

The Republican dirty tricks operative and alleged swinger credited with blocking the presidential election recount in Florida in 2000 has just been booted out of a Republican political operation in New York . . .

The New York Times offers a feckless comment and this rundown on the diverse careers of Roger J. Stone Jr.:

Aside from some notable political victories, Mr. Stone has left behind a trail of short-lived campaigns, feuds with former friends and clients, and, above all, rumors of dirty tricks. As he once put it in an interview, “if it rains, it was Stone.”

He oversaw Ronald Reagan’s campaign operations in New York but was on the outs in some Republican circles after backing the upstate billionaire Tom Golisano’s third-party bid against Gov. George E. Pataki in 2002. A dossier about Mr. Stone’s past exploits prepared by a former opponent and still circulating among New York Republicans runs to 74 pages.

During the Florida recount in 2000, George W. Bush’s campaign enlisted Mr. Stone and his wife, Nydia, who is of Cuban ancestry, to rally support among Cuban exiles in Miami, according to Jeffrey Toobin’s “Too Close to Call,” a book about the recount battle. Mr. Stone was also instrumental in organizing the so-called Brooks Brothers Riot, the book said, when hundreds of Republican activists stormed a county election office in Miami and demanded that workers there cease recounting presidential ballots.

But the alleged activities of Mr. Stone, who is affiliated with a Florida law firm and has apparently been deeply connected through his wife, Nydia Stone, with the right-wing Cuban commmunity in Miami, go well beyond such tame stuff.

Among his alleged activities:

Stone gets credit, along with wife, for working with White House insider and poster boy Jeff Gannon in passing forged Bush Nat'l Guard records to media.

Stone works to defeat Democrat Supreme Ct. justices in Florida

Stone has been credited in television and book accounts with putting together the mixed mob of Cuban and congressional-aide protesters who prevented the count in Miami—universally seen as the turning point in the battle that made Bush president. Village Voice

Roger J. Stone Jr :

Indian Fighter
Old Campaigner
Champion of the Oppressed

Both The Star and The National Enquirer reported that Roger and his wife, Nydia, had placed ads on the Internet and in Swing Fever magazine to attract couples and single men interested in joining them for group sex.

Stone in NY state politics

Stone and Al Sharpton

Stone, Rove, Roy Cohn, Jeff Gannon

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Stone's blogged response to latest allegations.

Stone believes Rudy can win.

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