Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Republican official gags on Cristening of LeMieux

My Word: Fed up with Crist's shenanigans

By Ed Havill

September 2, 2009

George LeMieux's appointment by Gov. Charlie Crist to the U.S. Senate was the final straw that broke this Republican officeholder's back.

Within five minutes of the governor's announcement, I removed my voter registration from the Republican Party. I am no longer affiliated with any political party.

Crist went through the public motions of pretending to consider various others to fill the seat vacated by Mel Martinez. By choosing his 2006 political campaign manager, George LeMieux, the governor decisively demonstrated two things:

He is only interested in what's best for Charlie Crist, and he has utter contempt for what's best for Floridians. More...

Ed Havill is Lake County property appraiser.

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