Sunday, September 20, 2009

SW Penile a Ponzi Haven???? Who Knew???

Someone call Vern Buchanan!

Although, it's not exactly a secret that developers, real estate con artists, lawyers, title co's, health insurers, bankers, builders, home insurers and a whole lot more have run every imaginable con known to man in Southwest Florida -- pretty well known, in fact, except apparently to Pollick at the Herald Tribune who unloads his mega-revelation upon his readers as if we poor innocents had never heard of Mr. Ponzi and his sunshine fans and emulators.

Art Nadel might be bogus, but he was good at it. The Herald Tribune's excited yawp, with its feckless question:

Has the
Gulf Coast become a Ponzi haven?

falls several megatons short of helpful in showing us how Florida become the penile pyramid scheme it is today. Here at the Penile state, we've long had a tag: "Ponzi Capital of the World." Thanks, HT, for nuthin'.

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