Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flaming asshole poses as "Journalist" in Florida

Reality TV like it oughta be:

Joe Biden was asked questions by Orlando WFTV "Journalist" Barbara West on Thursday that read like a set of Karl Rove-wannabe talking points. At one point the Senator actually stopped to ask, "Are you joking? Is this a joke? Or is that a real question?" 

You will be shocked...shocked to learn that West's Husband is a GOP Media Consultant.

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Jak said...

To post this shows a lack of understanding of what exactly a reporter is entitled to do. Of course she asked uncomfortable questions! She quoted, besides Marx, Mr. Obama himself. What, shall we not question our leaders? Shall we close our mouths and bend over?
Upon hearing his boss' quote, Biden back-pedals wildly?!
How can anyone want that spineless grinning creature as VP?

Sir Kum Scission said...

"Question our leaders" - sure.

Perhaps we ought to read books before we start using their author's names as slime labels. If Ms. West has read Das Capital - Vol. I, I'll eat volumes II and III. Same for Ms. Palin, and Mr. McCain. Fear mongering is not dialogue.

Pete Delucchi said...

Shame on Ms. West. That's just bad journalism. It's ok if she's editorializing, and the channel throws up a little caveat blurb like "the views of this crazy woman do not belong to the network". Except they didn't.