Saturday, October 4, 2008

Is McCain determined to lose Florida?

  • McCain called for allowing offshore oil drilling.
  • McCain is opposed to the creation of a national hurricane insurance fund.
  • There is also his well-publicized vote against an appropriations bill that would have funded Everglades restoration.
  • McCain is stuck in a rabid anti-Castro time warp that is popular with a dying generation of original Cuban exiles, but is increasing questioned by younger Cuban-Americans, recent exiles, and people who still have family on the island.
  • Let's not forget his support for Bush attempt to privatize Social Security, and his own contradictory confused statements on the subject. 
  • Of course, in addition to these issues with particular resonance in Florida, voters there will also be voting on the Iraq debacle, the tanking economy, the growing income disparity in America, global warming, and other issues that work in Obama's favor.

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