Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Herald Tribune of Sarasota seeks to be a lessor

From Sarasota Voices:

I was amused to read of the Herald-Tribune's request to renege on the agreement they made in order to gain a special deal with the City - you remember they threatened to "Go Out East" if the City didn't cut them a deal.

Illuminating, too, is the rationale given for the request - belt-tightening, cutting staff, soon the whole building may be vacant. What then?

"Article 13 of the above-referenced Agreement (copy attached) provides that until December 31, 2016, occupancy of the redevelopment project which was the subject of the Agreement is restricted to "an office building to be used by the Sarasota Herald Tribune or any affiliated business thereof." Because of a drop in the number of employees from 357 persons to 262 persons, the Herald Tribune desires to lease out 15,000 square feet in its building to another office user. 
It's never a good thing to see a newspaper fall on hard times. But in fairness, the Times-owned Herald-Trib has failed to develop a loyal readership because it refuses to put truth before treacle.

...Rumor has it they've been talking to a donut shop to take over one area of the great elephantine whiteness on Main St., Sarasota...

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